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Have you ever talked yourself out of booking a boudoir photoshoot?

A lot of people sometimes feel hesitant booking a boudoir photoshoot. We found within our clients that the majority of women of all ages, shapes and sizes would absolutely love some nude, lingerie or vintage inspired shot but would feel uncomfortable going ahead with booking it.

We totally understand that working with a stranger in your best lace number can be daunting especially if you’re not naturally confident. However, those who do participate in boudoir photoshoots always comment how comfortable our photographer made them and how glad they were that they did it. To our photographer, you are a subject matter of a piece of art and their job is to create images that highlights you at your best.

Our photographers have done countless shots of this kind from the very racy to the soft, elegant and classical. Whatever look you are going for, we can provide you with boudoir photography that will make you feel empowered, beautiful and most importantly confident in you.

Have a peek at some of our boudoir photography!

Why Choose Us For a Boudoir Photoshoot?

full direction

Full Guidance at Every Step

Our customers continually come back to us because we understand the importance of your images representing you in the correct way. From our bookings team to our professional photographers and viewing consultants, we'll guide you at every step.


Upfront Pricing

With packages starting at just £125, we know we are competitive. As a business we'll provide you with as much transparency as possible. In an industry where this is rare, we're proud our clients continually come back to us and value the work that we do.

100% guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Whatever your personal requirements, taste or budget; Vanity Studios can offer you incredible results with every bespoke shoot. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee meaning that if you’re not happy we’ll retake your images for free.

How To Book

The Easy Way to Get A Boudoir Photoshoot In London!

Book With Vanity Studios in 3 Easy Steps

1. Talk to our bookings team to to discuss your needs.

2. We’ll find an appointment and package that works for you.

3. Look forward to a fun appointment with images you can take home on the day.

boudoir photography in London

Not booking a boudoir photoshoot when you’re thinking about it can lead to feelings of regret.

Whilst there’s always the chance to do boudoir photography at any point, it’s nice to be able to have a few images at different stages of your life, especially when you think you might be ready.


We’re proud of the hundreds of clients who have come to us over the years, initially very body shy, but decided to go ahead with their boudoir photoshoot and were delighted with the results and how it made them feel afterwards.


We can’t wait to see how confident and empowered you feel after your own shoot!


What You’ll Get With Your Boudoir Photoshoot

Professionally trained, experienced make-up artists, hair stylists and family photographers

Consultation to discuss your needs and desires

Customised, bespoke photoshoot

Full direction from our photographer showing you exactly what you need to do to have professional looking images

Private viewing session to choose your images with one of our image consultants

2 Images included with the basic package

We've Helped London with Professional Photoshoots & More!

Thinking about getting a Boudoir Photoshoot in London?

Boudoir photography is a tasteful, seductive style of photography which stems from the Burlesque portrayal ‘The Art of Tease.’ Ranging from beautiful corsetry and lingerie to semi-nude photographs; at Vanity Studios, we provide a discreet and highly professional service to ensure you have an amazing experience on your boudoir shoot in London. 

Our team not only consists of expert photographers with years of experience, but we also work alongside highly skilled makeup artists who offer a full makeover and hair styling as part of your package so that you get the full boudoir experience. 

In order to create beautiful boudoir images, we have a stunning selection of setups and backdrops available for your boudoir photography session. Our services also cover any editing and retouching you may require – we’re sure you will love the results of your shoot, just check out our boudoir gallery! 

As any Burlesque performer would tell you, this style of photography is intended to be sexy, liberating and confidence boosting – whatever the purpose of your session may be, we’re confident you will love your images!

The right boudoir photographer can ensure that someone who comes into the studio feeling nervous can leave the session feeling empowered, full of confidence and proud of the photographs. Vanity Studio’s professional photographers know how to make you feel at ease, which is important when trying to create a sexier look that may be out of your comfort zone. 

Boudoir photoshoots are liberating and a stunning style of photography that suits all shapes and sizes, and can be a great experience to share with your partner. We recommend vintage hair and make up for this type of photoshoot and we have a specialist team in the area that will make you look straight out of the bygone era. Whether you want a gift for your loved one, want to try a bridal boudoir shoot or simply fancy a confidence boost; boudoir will never fail to please.

Vanity Studios’ boudoir photography packages are excellent value, and as you will see from our gallery, the results are outstanding. Talk to our bookings team today for your specific requirements and help on how to book one of our boudoir sessions now! 

Never had a Boudoir photoshoot before? You probably have some questions.

“Boudoir” is French for a ladies dressing room or bedroom. Boudoir style is therefore romantic or sensual photography where the women are partially clothed or in lingerie.
Sometimes there is implied nudity however these shoots are designed to be tasteful and classy rather than anything sordid.

Boudoir photography is empowering and fun. This style of photography is all about empowering the woman to feel good about herself, and perhaps create a memory for them to look back on. It is also a popular romantic surprise gift for partners or fiances before the big day.

Of course! But remember, you are in safe hands and safe from judgement with us – we’ve seen it ALL before. It is normal to feel a little uncomfortable, a boudoir shoot can be a very personal thing to do especially with new people. At Vanity Studios, we are experienced in what we do, and always make sure you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed during your shoot! Our aim is to make you feel empowered and fabulous!