A poor quality headshot can represent you in the completely wrong way


Does the following sound familiar?

Your headshots are outdated and not a true reflection of who you are now.

You’re overlooked for castings and jobs.

You’re reluctant to apply for certain roles as you’re not happy with your profile.

If so…

It’s time to get the actor headshots you deserve.

At Vanity Studios, we have the expertise and industry know how to provide winning actor headshots.

We know the decision to book a headshot photographer is a tough one and getting it wrong can make you feel like you’ve wasted time, money and most importantly, opportunities.

Not only do you have to keep your material up to date but the industry standards and the content requirements never really stop evolving. With countless specifications placed on you by casting directors and your agent, how do you know where to get your actor headshots done?

Our specialist headshot photographers have taken actor headshots for thousands of clients since we opened in 2009. We are in touch with the industry and know what the casting directors require and what makes an agent’s job easier when submitting you for castings.

We’re proud of the hundreds of positive reviews we’ve received from clients over the years about their images. We’d love to work with you too so that you can also feel that excitement to progress in your journey with a fantastic new set of headshots.

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Our experienced photographers will use great lighting and framing to ensure your headshots look more professional, polished and current.


Our 100% money back guarantee means you can book with confidence and know you won’t have to waste money on images you don’t like.

Show your full casting range

Variety of looks and backgrounds leading to at least four different shots to submit for a multitude of roles that will hint to different characters/ casting types



Consultation to discuss your needs and desires

Professionally trained, experienced make-up artists, hair stylists and photographers

Customised, bespoke photoshoot

Full direction from our specialist actor headshot photographer showing you exactly what you need to do

Private viewing session to choose your images with one of our image consultants

4 Images included with the basic £195 package

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The Easy Route To Headshots That Will Get You Noticed!

Scheduling a session with us is easy. We are open 7 days a week and have availability from 9:30am right through to 4:30pm. For a headshot booking, we do recommend that you come during the first part of the week, where possible, as we run a quieter set and are therefore able to utilise options for your shoot more efficiently.

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We've Helped London with Professional Photoshoots & More!

Harun Tekin
Harun Tekin
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Brilliant service, fun too! I received some great photos for acting and classical music headshots and the help I was given when choosing the photos afterwards was expert and useful.
"Brilliant Service"
Clara Chung
Clara Chung
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Had a wonderful time at Vanity Studio! Photos are tailored for your own use and the price is reasonable. As a musician, I needed some headshots for my promotion and I came out getting exactly what I wanted (great quality). Highly recommended!
"I got exactly what I wanted"
Alice Chester-Master
Alice Chester-Master
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This was not something I had done before but the photographer was lovely and made me feel at ease. I was worried that the photos would look very staged and somewhat 'cringe' but this was not the case. I would recommend!
"Made me feel at ease"


Ollie Hastings

Dancer, Surrey


For a professional actors headshot you should opt for plain colours. Avoid busy patterns or prints as they can be distracting. Also avoid flesh tones too, and instead choose flattering mid tones such as blue, green or purple.

This depends on your look and the type of roles you are casting for. Generally it is advised to go for a more neutral and natural look for your headshots. It may be best to avoid heavy makeup in order to make your headshots more universal.

Our actors headshot prices vary depending on your requirements. Please look at our pricing page for information, or get in touch with us directly on 020 7734 4731 to discuss your needs.

At Vanity Studios, we have developed our own in-house technique that all photographers replicate when working with us. They are kept up to date with all the Actors Headshot requirements direct from people in the industry. 

Time to update your actor headshots?

Getting the right headshot photographer in London can be a tough mission with a vast range of options available. As a performer, a professional headshot is crucial to booking castings that will lead to the jobs you want and further your experience as an actor. Vanity Studios, based in London, has many connections to the theatre and film industry and has carried out extensive research as to what casting directors are specifically looking for when they are analysing portfolio applications on Spotlight.

Gone are the days of black and white portraits, as casting directors now need to see your colouring in your headshot images. When an actor comes to Vanity Studios, firstly we establish whether they are predominantly a musical theatre or screen actor as many performers prioritise which area they want to pursue. This can vary the look and feel of the headshot as in musical theatre a heavier make up look is commonly used, whereas in the film industry they commonly prefer more of a nude look, which can be created by our professional make up and hair stylists.

We usually recommend a variety of opposing looks when shooting headshots as having slightly different images for your portfolio will help not only in acting castings but also with commercial bookings. Varying photos will show diversity and create the best shots to get shortlisted for those essential castings. Usually we suggest wearing one dark colour and one light colour; and for girls, we recommend having your hair styled up in one of the headshots. Our professional make up and hair stylists will of course help create this on the day.

Vanity Studios headshot photography packages are excellent value, and as you will see from our gallery, the results are outstanding. Contact our studio today for your specific requirements and help on how to book your session.