Your hard work deserves to shine!

Who do you become when you leave the stagnant process of your 9-5 or the heavy plight of studying or starting your own business? We all have an altar ego in some way and booking a cosplay shoot with one of our cosplay photographers can be one of the best forms of escapism for anybody.

We understand that it’s not easy to plan a cosplay photoshoot and get everybody and everything together that you’ll need.

We’ve done hundreds of cosplay photoshoots and met some of the most amazing people along the way.

As avid Comic Con fans, we developed our unique Cosplay photography to ensure that we capture you as whoever you become in that moment and that we highlight the details of your often intricate and incredible costumes. We have tools to maximise the potential of your look so that you not only feel transformed during the shoot but so that you document your unique take on your chosen character.




From the moment you step into our studio, you’ll have access to a variety of meticulously crafted sets and backdrops, allowing you to bring your favourite characters to life in breathtaking detail.

Our professional photographers will guide you through the entire process, capturing stunning portraits that showcase your artistry and dedication.


£ 195
  • 3 Digital Images Included
  • Makeup & Hair Styling
  • Up to three outfit changes
  • Consultation & Preparation


£ 495
  • 8 Digital Images Included
  • Makeup & Hair Styling
  • Up to four outfit changes
  • Consultation & Preparation


£ 995
  • 20 Digital Images Included
  • Makeup & Hair Styling
  • Up to six outfit changes
  • Consultation & Preparation
testimonial cosplay image
elf image by one of our cosplay photographers

Our Cosplay Photographers Understand The Importance of Bringing Your Hard Work To Life

When you take the time to develop costume and a truly detailed look, the only way to capture the unique features and character is with the set, lighting and direction you would expect in a professional cosplay photoshoot.

We’ll discuss your concept with you, allow you the space and time to transform and then work with you on set to ensure your maximising on your full potential with your outfits.

In the end you’ll not only have great fun during your shoot, you’ll also be very happy you’ve got a set of images you’ll be able to keep and remember forever.

As fellow enthusiasts of this extraordinary art form, we understand the dedication, creativity, and commitment that goes into bringing characters to life.

That’s why we are the ultimate choice for the cosplay community across the UK.

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Scheduling a session with us is easy. We are open 7 days a week and have availability from 9:30am right through to 4:30pm.


Fill Out Our Booking Form

Click the link above to either make your own booking or have a call back from a member of our bookings team. Let us know a bit about what you hope to achieve and the style of headshots you'd like. We have bespoke pricing options for company bookings either at your location or our studio.


Consultation and Conceptualisation

After your booking is in, we'll collaborate on your cosplay vision, discussing character portrayal, setting, and any special effects to bring your fantasy to life in photos that tell your story.


The Photoshoot Experience

Arrive at Vanity Studios for your photoshoot, where our team of professionals await. With expert makeup artists and hair stylists, we ensure you look your absolute best. Then, step in front of the camera and let our experienced photographers guide you through a seamless session, capturing your updated images with finesse and sophistication.

How To Book

The Easy Way to Get A Cosplay Photoshoot!

Book With Vanity Studios in 3 Easy Steps

1. Talk to our bookings team to to discuss your needs.

2. We’ll find an appointment and package that works for you.

3. Look forward to a fun appointment with images you can take home on the day.

What You’ll Get With Your Cosplay Photoshoot

Professionally trained, experienced make-up artists, hair stylists and photographers

Consultation to discuss your needs and desires

Professional Make up and Hair Styling

Customised, bespoke photoshoot

Full direction from our photographer showing you exactly what you need to do to have professional looking images

Private viewing session to choose your images with one of our image consultants

2 Images included with the basic package

Upgrade this package to £195 and receive 4 images

vanity studios review
My partner and I had a lovely photo shoot at Vanity Studios. We had an amazing time, the staff are all friendly and helpful. We received complimentary drinks while we waited and were offered more throughout the session. The team on hair and make up did an excellent job and were very professional. Our photographer, Danny, was fantastic, very chatty and funny as well, he did a great job with the photos he took. Angie helped us choose our images and process the order for the ones we chose. Overall excellent service with great friendly staff, the quality of the images as well were incredible. Would definitely recommend and would 100% go again.

Selina Macdougall

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Trustpilot Review

Thinking about booking a Photoshoot With Our Cosplay Photographers in London?

Cosplay (short for costume play) is when comic book and video game fans dress up as their favourite characters from TV, movies, comics, books, and games. Originally a popular type of photography in Japan, the cosplay community has also grown in the United Kingdom and as a result, so has the interest in cosplay photoshoots. In fact, hundreds of people in the UK can be seen dressing up as superheroes and other iconic figures from pop culture in comic cons and Anime conventions such as the London film and comic con and the MCM London comic con. 

Here at Vanity Studios in London, our professional photographers can capture you dressed as your personal choice of cosplay character in one of our innovative studio shoots. It may be your first time in front of the camera, or you may be a little more confident in your costume; either way, our cosplay photographer will work with each individual to make the experience comfortable, fun and rewarding. 

From Captain American to Wonder Woman; cosplay photoshoots aren’t just limited to men, they’re perfect for all ages and genders. Why not get the whole family involved and book a family cosplay shoot? Whether you love dressing up as Marvel characters or want a Game of Thrones-themed photoshoot to showcase on social media; cosplay photography is a great activity for any fan of the cosplay world. As well as specialised cosplay photography, we also provide portrait photography,family photoshoots, and makeover photoshoots. 

If you’re interested in booking a cosplay shoot, or want any further information about our London-based cosplay photography; please contact us now – we’re more than happy to answer any queries. Be sure to ask about any current promotions or offers too! 


Cosplay is about telling a story, and a good Cosplay picture should set a scene. Think about extra props, accessories or dressing you may wish to prepare in advance of your shoot. We will take care of the rest!

The ‘Cos’ part of the word ‘Cosplay’ stands for ‘costume’. This is because the artform is inspired by movie and literary costume design and characters. Cosplay essentially means ‘costume play’!

There is no real age limit for Cosplay, however some character costumes can be sensual or ‘skimpy’ in design. It should be noted that anyone under the age of 18 should be adequately and modestly clothed. Please ensure that your costume is appropriate for the model’s age group before arriving at the shoot.