Stand Out in the Digital Crowd

Elevate Your Profile With Headshots in London by Vanity Studios

Stand Out in the Digital Crowd

Elevate Your Profile With Headshots in London by Vanity Studios

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Since 2009, Vanity Studios has been a premier destination for professional and captivating headshots in London. With our team of experienced photographers and stylists, we are dedicated to helping you stand out, whether you're an actor aiming for the limelight or a corporate professional seeking to elevate your professional image.



Actor Headshots

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Why Choose Vanity Studios for Actor Headshots?

At Vanity Studios, we have the expertise and industry know-how to provide actor headshots that make you stand out from the competition. Our specialist headshot photographers have taken actor headshots for thousands of clients since we opened in 2009. We understand the industry and what casting directors require. We’re proud of the hundreds of positive reviews we’ve received from clients over the years about their images.

We offer a stress-free booking process with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means you can book with confidence and know you won’t have to waste money on images you don’t like. Our variety of looks and backgrounds leads to at least two different shots to freshen up your digital profile, helping you to show your full casting range.

Actor Headshots Pricing and Packages

We offer a variety of actor headshot packages to cater to your needs. These include the Essential package at £195 and the Premier package, priced at £495. Our packages include a variety of services such as professionally trained, experienced make-up artists, hair stylists, and photographers, full direction from our specialist actor headshot photographer, and a private viewing session to choose your images.

Corporate Headshots

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Why Choose Vanity Studios for Corporate Headshots?

First impressions count, and a high-quality corporate headshot can help to elevate your professional profile and make a lasting impression. At Vanity Studios, we understand the importance of capturing the professional essence that matches your personal brand. Our comprehensive corporate headshot packages are meticulously curated to create executive images and branding portraits that embody your professional essence.

We prioritise your convenience and attention to detail, offering full direction from our industry-experienced photographer, light makeup and hair styling, and multiple outfit changes based on the package you choose. Our experienced photographers use great lighting and framing to ensure your headshots look more professional, polished, and current.

Corporate Headshots Pricing and Packages

Our corporate headshot packages start from £195 for the Essential package, and go up to £495 for our Premier package. Each package is designed to cater to different needs, from basic LinkedIn updates to comprehensive professional portfolios.

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We stay updated on the latest trends and preferences, ensuring that our headshots capture your unique essence while aligning with current casting or professional expectations.

When you book with us, you can trust that your headshots will stand out from the crowd and make a memorable impact.


Whether you’re an actor or a corporate client, the process begins with a consultation to discuss your needs. At the studio, our team will prepare you to get the best out of your session. We offer full direction from our specialist photographers and a private viewing session to choose your images.

This depends on your look and the type of roles you are casting for. Generally it is advised to go for a more neutral and natural look for your headshots. It may be best to avoid heavy makeup in order to make your headshots more universal. This also applies to corporate headshots.

Depending on the package you choose, you may have the option for multiple outfit changes. It’s best to bring a variety of clothing that represents the different roles or professional looks you want to portray.

At Vanity Studios, we offer a 100% client-satisfaction guarantee. This means you can book with confidence, knowing that you won’t have to waste money on images you don’t like.


Scheduling a session with us is easy. We are open 7 days a week and have availability from 9:30am right through to 4:30pm.