How To Prepare For A Kids’ Photoshoot

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Children’ photoshoots can be immensely challenging. From meltdowns, malfunctions or just morning grumpiness, there are a huge number of incidents that could cast a gloomy shadow over this special photoshoot that you had planned.

This blog aims to break down the challenges by offering advice to overcome hurdles that kids’ photoshoots can throw at you. With kids’ photoshoot ideas, and tips for parents before and during the photoshoot, we hope to support you in getting the best out of your childrens’ photography.

Why have a kids’ photoshoot in London

Photographs taken during a kids’ photoshoot become more than just images; they become a visual narrative of a child’s journey through various stages of development. 

From the adorable curiosity of toddlers to the playful energy of young kids, each phase is uniquely beautiful, and a photoshoot helps encapsulate these fleeting moments.

Moreover, the experience of a photoshoot in London is not just about the final images. It becomes a fun and exciting adventure for the children, exploring different parts of the city while being photographed. 

The moments captured during these sessions result in photographs that families can treasure for a lifetime.

What to do before a children’s photoshoot to ensure that it runs smoothly as a parent

Preparing for a children’s photoshoot is essential to ensure a smooth and successful session. As a parent, taking a few proactive steps can significantly contribute to a positive experience for both your child and the photographer.

  1. Communicate with the photographer in advance. Share information about your child’s personality, likes, and dislikes. This allows the photographer to tailor the session to your child’s preferences, making them more comfortable and cooperative during the shoot.
  1. Choose a convenient time for the photoshoot, taking into consideration your child’s routine and peak energy levels. A well-rested and fed child is more likely to be cooperative and in good spirits during the session. Plan snacks and breaks to keep their energy up throughout the shoot.
  1. Select outfits thoughtfully. Opt for comfortable clothing that reflects your child’s personality and complements the chosen backdrop. Avoid clothing with large logos or busy patterns that may distract from your child’s expressions.
  1. Bring along familiar items or props that your child loves. These can be toys, blankets, or any other objects that make them feel secure. Incorporating these familiar elements into the shoot can help create a relaxed and natural atmosphere.
  1. Trust the photographer’s expertise, and allow your child to express themselves naturally. A relaxed and positive attitude from the parents often translates into a more enjoyable and successful photoshoot for everyone involved.

Tips for parents during a kids’ photoshoot

When participating in a kids’ photoshoot, here are some tips to help parents make the most of the experience:

    1. During the session, interact with your child to bring out genuine smiles and expressions. Playful interactions often result in the most authentic and heartwarming photographs.
    1. Encourage the photographer to capture candid moments between poses. Some of the most memorable shots often come from spontaneous, unscripted interactions.
    1. Make the photoshoot a positive and enjoyable experience for your child. Celebrate their uniqueness and let their personality shine through. A relaxed and happy atmosphere contributes to beautiful and genuine photographs.

    What are the best poses and techniques for newborn photography?

    In 2015, Vogue published an article on the rise of newborn photography stating, “As with pretty much every trend spiking today, social media has played a massive role in fuelling the popularity of newborn photography.” 

    For younger infants, the swaddling technique is the perfect way to help them feel safe and comfortable enough to stay asleep during a shoot. Swaddling is when you wrap a baby tightly but safely in a comfortable blanket, almost like a burrito. 

    Swaddling has many benefits: it is the ideal way to approach family shoots, especially those with young siblings as the majority of the time it helps keep the baby asleep throughout various positions or if they change hands from person to person. It also helps avoid any accidents compared to photos in diapers or nude.

    There are three main blanket poses: side-lying, bottoms-up, and on the belly. For side-lying, the goal is to photograph the baby asleep and with their hands in an almost prayer-like position beneath their chin. This is similar to the bottoms-up pose where the infant lies on their stomach with their legs folded under their bum and their hands beneath their head.

    For older infants that can lift their heads, the on the belly post is pretty self-explanatory. You can put the child on their belly with their legs out and have them look at the camera (or whatever shiny object you and the parents can muster).

    Kids’ photoshoot ideas and inspiration

    Black and white family photoshoots

    model portfolio young child

    Childrens’ photography around the city

    family photoshoot

    Baby Photography

    Get the most out of the experience with a photographer experienced in children’s photography.

    An experienced photographer who understands the dynamics of working with children during a photoshoot is able to create a comfortable environment that allows genuine expressions to shine through.

    From managing mood swings to adapting to the unpredictable nature of children, an experienced photographer can still turn these challenges into an enjoyable day.

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