6 Top Tips to Plan a Professional Photoshoot

professional photoshoot
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So you’ve done it. You’ve finally booked a professional photoshoot to get those shots done. You’re going to boost your website and revamp your social media but what now? What do you bring? How do you know what makeup to go for?

Turning up at the studio without a clear idea of what you would like can work for some. Usually those who are chameleons, people who regularly alter their appearance such as models or actors; but if you are not someone who regularly shoots, there are a few things you can do to make sure your session really is about the best version of you. We have put together a few pointers so you can get the most out of your professional Photoshoot.

Preparation is Key

If you know you’re going to a studio or professional photographer that can deliver beautiful photography there is only one way you will not get optimum results. That is lack of preparation. If you take the wrong outfit or try a lip colour you have never had on before, there is a chance you might look at your beautifully lit, perfectly composed photography and say ‘oh God no!’.

How often do you actually get the opportunity to be in the hands of experts who can take the best shots you have ever had done? With a little preparation you can guarantee that the outcome will be one that you will love.

Know what makeup you like

Getting to work with a professional makeup artist is incredible. At Vanity Studios you get a makeup artist personally assigned to you prior to your professional photoshoot, and while their consultations are thorough, they are not mind readers. You might believe that only one shade of lipstick suits you or that there is only one way to apply eyeliner on your eye shape but no! The makeup artist you get before a shoot has never seen you before and as you arrive with your unmade face, they have no idea how you would usually do your makeup.

To ensure that you get a result you love, bring a reference or at least some images of makeup you like. This way the Makeup Artist can tailor the looks you like to you. You may even want to bring an image of you when you were particularly happy with your makeup. In this case, our artists will create the HD version for you and maybe make the odd alteration.

If you are a complete makeup novice, it is even more important that you have a little scan of the internet to find looks that you like. If you are not used to makeup, getting an idea of what you might like to achieve is imperative to feeling happy and confident with your look.

Be on Time for Your Professional Photoshoot

Studio time is like gold dust! We get a lot done in a relatively short amount of time and therefore have to run like clockwork. If you arrive late for your session, this can potentially compromise your shoot as corners may be cut to keep to the studio time schedule. This is not how we like to do things as we put a huge emphasis on quality.

Very often we will ask late comers to rebook if we feel we cannot achieve the results we aim to produce in the time frame that we have. Vanity Studios will not produce anything that we feel doesn’t represent our work and not having enough time can be a massive factor in this. This is the case across all successful studios and photographers. Time is everything.

Firstly, as it’s central London, check your transport! A big city is always subject to changes in the transport schedule, accidents on the road or just routes closed off for maintenance, please plan ahead when checking your route.

Think About Your Outfits and Have Them Prepared

Again this one comes down to references. Is there anything on the photography website that you like? Is there an image of your favourite celebrity that you would love to copy in your professional photoshoot? Take some time to have a look at photography you like and note what people are wearing. In contemporary photography, when you are the focus of the image, your backgrounds will be kept simple for the majority of your shots.

What personalises them is what you are wearing and the styling you choose. If you throw 4 black outfits in a bag, you will not necessarily get the results or variety that you might be looking for.

With that said, making sure your clothing is in great condition before you arrive at the studio can save precious shooting time and more importantly disappointment in the results. Dress bags for fabrics with a tendency to crease are preferred to a case and do check that all items are clean and freshly pressed. There’s nothing worse than discovering they are not looking great mid-photoshoot!

Remember we are creating the best version of you so go all out for your professional photoshoot! Bring that ball gown that’s been gathering dust since you wore it in 2009. Wear those bright red heels that look amazing but you can barely walk in them (you only need to stand – staggering between shots is fine) and above all else, bring a variety of looks. You don’t necessarily know what is going to appeal until you see the images so mix it up.

Bring a business look, something dressy, something dressed down and even some lingerie. You will not regret making the choice to prepare your looks before the day but very often when people feel great after hair and makeup we hear ‘Oh I wish I brought that dress with me’.

Relax & Enjoy Your Professional Photoshoot

So you made it on time and you have your best outfits and makeup references all ready to go but the nerves are killing you and you want to run out of the door screaming… STOP!!!

Everyone feels the nerves before a professional photoshoot, even those who do it for work. It’s one of those things where you feel a little exposed and uncertain. A typical comment we hear after a professional photoshoot is how much fun it was and how great the photographer is. It’s almost predictable. An experienced photographer is aware there may be nerves involved and they know how to get you past them.

The more relaxed you feel, the more fun you will have during your professional photoshoot and the more this will come through in your shots. You will get direction every step of the way and no one expects you to be an expert at modelling! Relax and enjoy the process.

Be Decisive in Your Selection

A gigantic factor in getting the most from your photoshoot is making the right selection. Nine times out of ten a client will love almost every shot they see and they just need to choose between the odd similar shot.

The other one out of ten is someone who can’t seem to win the battle between themselves and their inner critic. This is most common with young girls and teenagers. It’s predictable behaviour and we recommend that parents overrule the teenage critics where possible! It’s a given that when they’re 20 and they look back at the shots, their teen critic will be long gone and they will love them. They’ll love them even more when they’re 30!

A good image is one that hits you on first view. When other people look at images of you, they just look at the overall impression. When looking at ourselves, we look for minor flaws that no one else would ever notice, this can be detrimental when choosing images as you can overlook brilliant shots cos you can’t seem to quiet that critic. It can be a difficult job, particularly for those of you who shoot alone but we always have a viewing consultant present to help you make the right choice.

A professional photoshoot is not something you will do often so making the most of it is invaluable. In todays world where everything is online, having pictures we love are a must. Even messaging apps have profile pictures and when friends and relatives live far from each other and dating is on the internet, this really is the best way to show YOU. Get your professional photoshoot booked, get prepared and enjoy!

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