4 Massive Ways a Photoshoot Can Boost Your Mental Health

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With Mental Health Awareness week having just passed, more people are looking for ways to add a confidence boost to their lives and improve their overall self-esteem. We’ve all had a tough year, so it is completely okay if you do not feel quite yourself yet!

At Vanity Studios, we have seen people from all walks of life booking our London photography studio for a wide range of photoshoots, from boudoir photography to headshots for actors. We found that increasingly, people are stepping outside of their comfort zone and booking shoots purely to feel a bit of pampering and to see themselves in a new light.

We have everyone from newly single moms to college grads coming by to give themselves a moment in the spotlight. Sometimes all you need is some focus and indulgence to start feeling fantastic again!

After years of experience, we wanted to share with you how booking a photoshoot can significantly improve your self-esteem, and boost your mental health.

Step into the Limelight


One of the massive benefits of booking a London photography studio is the feeling you get when all eyes are on you! Giving yourself that celebrity feeling, if only for a day, can help massively.

If you’re someone who tends to shy away from attention or even if you have trouble taking selfies in public, this is a great way to get out of the shadows and push yourself to explore. 

You’re not alone! Lockdown has made many of us shy away from social situations and depleted our confidence in front of others, but a photo shoot can be your first step back into the public eye and help you increase your self-esteem again. 

Try out a pose, show off a new outfit or haircut and feel the confidence flow through you! We can not stress enough how experienced the team of photographers and stylists around you are, and how much work they have done with all types of people. They are not there to judge you in any way! Don’t be afraid to let yourself glow. 

Empower Yourself with Boudoir

london photography studio

If you’ve never had a boudoir photoshoot before, this might just be the thing that gives you your confidence back! Whether you’re a male, female or otherwise, boudoir photography can empower you to feel comfortable in your own skin.

You’re in complete control! You don’t need to do anything you’re not comfortable with, and you can go as extra or as minimal as you like.

Whether you just want a few shots with your best bedroom look or if you want to show off some new lingerie for your debut back into the dating world, boudoir photographers have worked with every type of personality and know exactly how to handle your fears or quirks. 

Put on your sexiest outfit and celebrate your body! See yourself in a new light and gain a sense of empowerment. Sometimes all you need to get back into the world is to see yourself in a new perspective, and if you have never done anything like boudoir before, it can be a life-changing moment!

Experience a Bit of Pampering


We don’t need to tell you how important it is to pamper yourself. Especially after months of closed salons and beauty services, you might feel like you need a way to bring back your self-esteem and look at your best again. 

This is when a makeover photoshoot package is the way to go! London photography studios offer comprehensive photoshoots that provide makeup and hair styling in addition to the photography itself. 

At Vanity Studios, we give you a glass of Prosecco upon arrival to start up that high fashion feeling you deserve! Then, you pop over to one of our salon chairs and our team of stylists get to work. How can you not feel like an absolute celeb after one of these makeover sessions?

Seeing yourself all dolled up after months indoors does not only give you an initial boost of confidence, it can also be a fantastic stress reliever. Everyone needs to make sure they set aside time for self-care, it is an absolute essential in such a busy world. This way you get the full luxury experience without paying the price so you can even make it a regular mental health break on your schedule!

Look at How Amazing You Look


Let’s not forget the photos! After some pampering, a day out at a London photography studio where the focus is entirely on you and a chance to let loose in front of the camera, the images that follow are going to be absolutely stunning! 

Whether you opted for boudoir photography or a makeover shoot, you’re going to have some social media-friendly images to spruce up your profile. Share your photos with the world and bask in the feeling of a fresh start following a crazy year!

Seeing yourself look fantastic can make you feel fantastic, especially if you’ve been struggling with insecurities. Keep your photos as a reminder that when you do you, you can feel free and empowered and in control again. It can massively boost your confidence to see yourself in that light.

Don’t hesitate to call in to our London photography studio and book that shoot, you deserve it! It can do wonders to focus entirely on yourself if only for a day.  Kick back and relax whilst our team does the work. Start your summer strong and with the utmost confidence!

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