A Makeover Photoshoot Can Change Your Life: 3 Ways Makeup Can Boost Mental Health

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At Vanity Studios, where the makeover photoshoot is one of our most popular bookings, we have seen all types of characters, from those who never wear makeup to those who wear it religiously. Makeup sometimes gets a bad rap when it comes to mental health – some people associate it with being unnatural, materialistic or promoting unrealistic beauty standards. Time and time again, we experience first-hand how makeup gives women, men and everyone in between their power back – whether it acts as an ego boost post-divorce, or a massive lifestyle change. Here are ways having a healthy relationship with makeup can help boost your mental health:

Makeup helps you express your individuality

Makeup is not just about covering up acne, adding a flick of eyeliner or classic lipstick styles. It is an opportunity to use your body, most importantly your face, as a canvas to express your individuality to the world. Sometimes people get tired of the same look for far too long and opt for a makeover photoshoot to get a different perspective, whilst others are inspired to try out a new look on their own. 

Some just love the artistry of makeup – the colour blending, matching, brushes and more allows for an output of creativity. 

Wherever the inspiration comes from, makeup is a way to take control of how you look, whether you come from a conservative background and want to get out there with bright colours and bold looks, or you want to portray a certain style on your first day. That control makes makeup an important tool for many – one that goes beyond materialistic values. 

Makeup = War Paint

Whether you have just gone through a breakup or divorce and going out on the town for the first time, have a big job interview to prepare for, or trying to get rid of the post-lockdown depression that still grips many, makeup can act like your first line of defence. 

It does not need to be anything drastic – it can be as simple as a bit of concealer for tired eyes, and some eyeliner or a dab of lipstick to get you feeling fresh and ready to tackle your day. 

There are countless studies available on how makeup has helped people battle depression and anxiety. Those who have dealt with bouts of depression have found it helpful to start a new self-pampering routine that helps them keep up with their hygiene and gain an all-around higher level of self-confidence. Simply setting a time of the day to shower and put on some makeup can push them to go out more, see people and feel generally better. A makeover photoshoot can offer a good way to get a professional’s opinion about your skin type, hair and makeup style, and can be the perfect kick-start to a new routine.

That’s not to say going au natural is a bad thing, but sometimes makeup can help you manage any insecurities, such as scars, acne or dark bags, and give you that boost you need to feel confident.

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Embrace your own skin

Makeup can often help you highlight your strengths and give you the confidence to explore the parts of yourself that make you unique. Do you have a mole on your face, hooded eyes or thick brows? Use it to your advantage and embrace it rather than try to change it to what you would have preferred. 

Have you ever heard someone with curly hair say they wish they had straighter, more tameable hair? Or someone with straight hair wishing they could conjure luscious curls? People almost always want what they do not have, but people should start to learn to embrace their individuality rather than try to change it.

A makeover photoshoot gives you the chance to explore what nature gave you. If you have big lips, wear bold lipsticks that let them pop! If you have brown eyes, find an eyeliner that reflects them beautifully and lets them shine. The opportunities are endless and makeup can help you find your stride to feel confident and comfortable in any situation.

If you need help figuring it out, book a makeover photoshoot and see what professionals have to say. Most respectable makeup artists and photography studios will support whatever look you are trying to achieve, and help you embrace and show off what makes you unique.

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