How to become a male model in the UK and get the best career opportunities


Male modelling is undoubtedly a difficult industry to break into. There is a high demand for male models with industry knowledge, savviness, acting skills, and an overall thick skin, that can be incredibly difficult for those with little to no experience. This is why creating your own experience in front of a camera, as well as listening to advice from those in the industry, is essential to break into male modelling.

How to become a male model without experience

Most agencies will be highly unwilling to consider you for a modelling position without being able to physically see how you model.


A good range of shots and practice in a studio can help you to overcome a lack of experience. It is important to start with a studio that you can trust and a photographer who is experienced. Since these pictures will serve as your first step into the industry, they need to show you in the best light possible.


Additionally, given that it is not expected (or likely) that you will be an expert in hair, make-up, or styling as well as modelling, it is highly recommended that all of these services also be included in your package.

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Tips for making sure that you can trust your agency as a male model

One thing to bear in mind is that the more connections that an agency has, the better it will be. However, since agencies will not reveal their client list or connections, this can be hard to figure out. Therefore, consider an agency with multiple locations internationally, such as:


  • Storm Model Management. The company was established in London in 1987 and is one of the leading model agencies in the country. The office is located on the 1st Floor of 5 Jubilee Place, London.
  • IMG Models. It is one of the most reputable international modelling agencies in the country. This office is located at 180 The Strand, 2, Arundel Street Building, 5th Floor. In addition to London, it has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, and Sydney.
  • Select Model Management. Established in 1977, this modelling agency is based in London. As well as Milan, Paris, Stockholm, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami, it has locations throughout the world.
  • Wilhelmina Model. Founded in 1967, this is an international modeling agency. The address is 6 Perseverance Works, 38 Kingsland Road, London. Among its offices are those in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami.
  • Premier Model Management was founded in 1981, located at 40-42 Parker Street, Holborn, London.
  • Elite Model. It was founded in 1972 and is another popular modelling agency. It opened its London office in 2008 at Burleigh House, 4 Floor, 355 Strand.
  • Models 1 is a British modelling agency founded in 1968. Located in London’s Covent Garden, it can be found at 12 Macklin Street.

Portfolio advice for male models

Creating the best portfolio as a male model is crucial for making a lasting impression on potential clients and agencies. Here are some things not to miss when you assemble your portfolio:

  • Invest in high-quality professional photos that showcase your versatility. Include a mix of headshots, full-body shots, and close-ups. Choose a photographer experienced in fashion or modelling photography to ensure the images are tailored to industry standards.
  • Demonstrate your versatility by including a variety of shots that showcase different looks, styles, and moods. This might include casual, formal, and athletic shots, as well as images that highlight your unique features.
  • Showcase your ability to adapt to various fashion styles by incorporating different wardrobe choices. Include images that display both casual and formal attire, as well as any specific niche you excel in, such as athletic wear or high fashion.
  • Capture a range of facial expressions and emotions to highlight your ability to convey different moods. Clients and agencies are not only looking for a good look but also for a model who can express a story through their poses and expressions.
  • Keep your portfolio current by regularly updating it with your latest and best work. This shows potential clients that you are active and committed to your modelling career.
  • Create an online portfolio that can be easily shared with potential clients and agencies. This could be a personal website or a well-curated social media profile dedicated to your modelling career.
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Why camera experience is essential for male models in London

Practising in front of a camera is an indispensable aspect of a male model’s training and development. Presenting yourself confidently and effectively is a crucial skill in the competitive world of modelling. Practising in front of a camera can allow you to develop the following skills:


  • Body awareness
  • Expression refinement
  • Pacing and timing
  • Actioning feedback


Through regular practice, male models can refine their modelling, and stand out in the industry.

Book in with an experienced photographer to get your career moving as a male model today!

We at Vanity Studios can help you advance your modelling career with professional hair styling, makeup, and wardrobe selection advice.

Our goal is to create the best possible images for you, no matter what you are trying to accomplish, whether it’s breaking into the industry, gaining experience in another branch of modelling, or continually improving your portfolio.

Our team of expert photographers and stylists is dedicated to delivering a seamless and detail-oriented experience. We provide invaluable guidance throughout the process, ensuring your vision is understood and creatively enhanced.

The result? An impressive set of photos that will leave potential agencies captivated, showcasing your modeling potential with unparalleled excellence.



All our customised packages include a pre-shoot comprehensive consultation, designed  to delve deep into your unique requirements, guaranteeing a tailored experience that perfectly aligns with your vision.

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Consultation and Conceptualisation

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The Photoshoot Experience

Arrive at Vanity Studios for your photoshoot, where our team of professionals await. With expert makeup artists and hair stylists, we ensure you look your absolute best. Then, step in front of the camera and let our experienced photographers guide you through a seamless session, capturing your updated images with finesse and sophistication.


The best thing you can do to prepare for your modelling shoot is to relax! Get plenty of sleep the night before so you don’t get tired, and make sure your outfits and accessories are packed and ready for the shoot. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch
with us before the day!

Our photoshoot generally takes around 3 hours, however we advise to allow up to 5 hours. Outfit changes and makeup may make the process take a little longer and we never like to rush.

Starting a modelling career requires a well-prepared portfolio, knowledge of the industry, and a lot of practice and patience. At Vanity Studios, we offer professional model photoshoots to create your portfolio and share insights about the industry to help you get started.

A modelling portfolio is your visual resume. It showcases your ability to embody different looks and styles. A strong portfolio is key to getting noticed by modelling agencies and clients.

At Vanity Studios, you can expect a professional, personalised photoshoot experience. We guide you throughout the process, from selecting outfits to striking poses. The aim is to capture the best images that highlight your unique features and personality.