professional makeup artists and photoshoot experience in London
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M.A.C Cosmetics is easily the best-known current brand in all of the industry. It is widely considered the ‘graduation’ brand as when a girl learns a little more about her make up and abandons her Rimmel and Maybelline, she tends to head to the M.A.C shop! This is mainly because M.A.C’s product range is so extensive that if a girl is looking for her unusually light skin tone or the latest strobing product, M.A.C will always be able to deliver.
Very often in the studio make up artists are asked what products they use. Not once has a single make up artist not highly commended at least a M.A.C product or two and usually their kits are absolutely choc-full of M.A.C. Some love the foundations, some the blushers, all of them love the pigments in the eye shadows. We can quite confidently claim that ALL professional make up artists have a selection of M.A.C cosmetics in their kit and all of them would love more.
So what is it that makes this the super brand that pretty much everyone turns to?The answer is without a doubt that it caters to every individual. Photographer Frank Toskan and Salon owner Frank Angelo originally created M.A.C because there was a lack of colours and products that looked great in photography, hence why it is still a pro make up artists dream. Focusing on what suited the industries professionals, M.A.C quite literally grew out of their kitchen and was sold only in the salon to models make up artists and photographers. Word of mouth soon spread throughout the industry and magazines and stylists were approaching the salon for these new innovative products. M.A.C was launched in a department store in Toronto, it stood out from other 80s brands with it’s chic packaging and it’s pro make up artists on the counter.To this day M.A.C continues to produce everything for the individual. And with women being the most unique and distinct they’ve ever been their work in developing such products has never been more important.
Recently we had Yoga instructor Cathy in the studio and we thought we’d M.A.C test her! Cathy had never worn make up before and was absolutely dreading the idea of photographic make up. Cathy was a red head with super fair freckled skin and she claimed ‘all make up looks awful on me’ she even asked if she could skip it and go straight to photography! Obviously Cathy had never found products to suit her unusual colorings and when you can’t find them, you’re not going to have perfected your technique!

We put Cathy into the hand of our resident M.A.C expert who has actually worked at M.A.C s flagship store.He explained to Cathy that with no make up the lights and flash will wash her features and she will look unwell! He said he would do no more than enhance her natural features and add just enough colour to pick up in photography.As Cathy was a newbie to the world of make up and she told us ‘I have heard of M.A.C’… Ok Cathy, that’s something. Her colour was NW10, for those of you who know that is the super pale foundation, used mostly on Vampires! However, after a little buffing and shading Cathy’s skin looked remarkable and she couldn’t believe the difference, she also commented that she didn’t feel ‘caked’ which is great for people who are a little make up shy. The skin revelation made her feel a little more confident and she let us use a light plum eye shadow with a peachy nude lip. Needless to say she was transformed. She asked for a list of products and said she was going to shop for them when she left.
We have since heard from Cathy on social media and she tweets us saying ‘Just been to M.A.C for yet another lippy… ouch this ones dark!’ she is officially an addict and will never walk round with a naked face again. Her pictures turned out beautifully and she claims she feels brand new. Thanks M.A.C! You did it again!

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