Here’s Why You Need a Professional Headshot Taken if You’re Looking for a Job

professional headshot
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From actors to sales representatives, having a professional headshot taken is an absolute must! At Vanity Studios, we have seen a range of jobseekers put on their best outfits and drop by for a quick headshot before they refurbish their CV and set off on the hunt for a new job. We’re going to tell you a bit about why it’s important to get a professional headshot taken regardless of what industry you are in!

Your CV: Professional Headshot or No Headshot?

This is a tricky one because the decision to include a photo on your CV is not always a straightforward one. Some professionals support photos on CVs as it is the way it has traditionally been done, but others say that it is best to avoid putting a headshot on your CV in order to prevent discrimination of any sort. This is also a valid point, however, if you are a model, actor or shooting for a job that depends on your appearance by any means, you will absolutely need to put a professional headshot on your CV.

Of course, the decision is up to you. If you are confident in yourself and have an expertly-taken, shiny new headshot that you think will boost your chances with potential employers, go for it! The job hunt is all about confidence after all. 

professional headshot

Spruce up Your LinkedIn Profile

Regardless of where you stand on the CV-headshot discussion, you know that the first place job interviewers and recruiters look after receiving your CV is on your LinkedIn profile.

 In our day and age, LinkedIn often trumps e-mailed CV documents as it is the place where recruiters and employers can see what your qualifications are, how many people recommended you or wrote testimonials about your skills, your work history, how many connections you have and of course, how you look. 

So regardless of where you stand on whether you should include a professional headshot on your CV or not, they will always look you up on LinkedIn (even if you did not find them through the platform in the first place) and see your photos either way. So, why not add some slick and professional photos?

If you must give them a first impression digitally, the best way to do it is by portraying just how competent you are and that you have invested in yourself with professionally-taken photos for your profile and job search. It shows them that you care about your image and have taken the time to make your profile look as high-quality as possible, which can indicate that you are at a certain mindset of professionalism that they are undoubtedly looking for. 

Of course, if you are an actor, model, influencer or the like, you might be getting professional headshots taken on the regular as you already know the importance of keeping your photos updated. 

Give Yourself a Confidence Boost

Going to a professional photoshoot is an experience of its own, especially if you have never done it before. Dressing up for the job and feeling like all eyes are on you can give you that boost of confidence you need to keep strong on the hunt for a job. You know what they say, act the part and you will become the part!

This applies especially if it has been a while since your last job or if you are just about to change career paths. Nothing makes you feel ready for a change than playing the role before it even happens.

Maybe instead of opting for a conventional headshot, maybe go for a professionally-taken body shot in a dapper suit or a self-assured pose that exudes confidence. Especially if you’re in the entertainment industry or going for a more non-traditional job, this is also a way to express yourself as much as possible. 


Keeping a Collection of Headshots Will Have You Ready for Anything

You never know when opportunity arises, so be ready for anything! Maybe you get the job you have been looking for and they want to add you to the company website. Instead of scrambling around and trying to take a good photo of yourself or sitting awkwardly in front of the office manager as they struggle to take a flattering enough photo, you can make sure your image is always pristine by sending over a copy of one from your own collection.

Maybe you are going to be featured in a news article for a role you played in a recent West End play and you want to send them a something a little more interesting than a standard portfolio headshot. With a few fantastic photos ready to send, you can be ready for just about anything that pops up.

Do yourself a favour and get a professional headshot package with a studio that cares and can provide you with a few great images for your collection!

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