4 Ways Professional Photography Can Help Your Brand

professional photography
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From actors and influencers to entrepreneurs, professional photography is an investment every brand needs.

At Vanity Studios, we’ve helped the likes of small businesses, up-and-coming models, influencers and more to take their visual presence to the next level, and we want to share our knowledge with you!

Find out why professional photography is the right move for your brand:

1. Confidence is key

Regardless of whether you have a product or a persona, you are trying to sell it to the world, albeit not always for money. 

If you are looking for a new job, you are trying to sell yourself to prospective employers. If you own a company, you most certainly need to sell your product. Even if you are an actor, you need to show casting agents why you are perfect for the role. 

Professional photography will get you the images that help you sell whatever it is you are trying to offer the world. The level of professionalism you depict can show potential buyers, scouts and the like that you are as skilled as you say, and you have invested in yourself enough for them to want to invest in you too. 

Maybe you are up against some highly competitive players. The perfect headshot, a warm smile, or the confidence that they see if your photos might just be the thing that gives onlookers a boost of faith to choose you.

professional photography

2. Your online image is everything!

How many times have you looked up a product, brand or persona and found they lacked professional photos on their website or profile, then decided against using their product or service? 

This especially applies to character-based businesses in beauty, health, fitness and similar industries. If you are a personal trainer and trying to get more clients, you want to show potential viewers a pleasant headshot and some photos of you in action if you want them to invest good money into your training sessions. 

A website or profile with professional photography shots will perform significantly better than those with photos taken on your phone as potential clients will see you are a fully-functioning brand with a certain level of professionalism. Imagine the contrast between blurry photos taken on a phone versus cheery pictures by a professional photographer- it makes a world of a difference, especially when trying to win clients!

This also rings true for those on the hunt for a new job. Making sure your LinkedIn page and professional profiles are on point and displays a professional headshot or corporate-style photos will give employers the idea that you have invested in your image and will portray your future company just as cleanly.

It also gives them the sense that you have experience and understand how important a professional image truly is. It doesn’t have to be all glass and steel- portray your personality however you see fit and they will appreciate gaining more insight into your overall character.

On that note…

3. Represent Yourself and Your Brand

Whether you want to dive into the pastry business as a new chef, hope to be a fashion influencer or looking for your big break in theatre, the images you put out into the world give you the first opportunity to represent who you are as a person, and what your brand wants to accomplish.

Do you want to appear bubbly and fun with loads of pinks and pastels on your profile, or slick and smooth with imagery of luxury, high-fashion and nice cars? No matter what you want to portray, it all starts with the photos you choose to show first.

Remember, let yourself shine through as much as you can! A good photographer will be able to capture the essence of your personality so you can share it with the world.

A small investment into a professional photoshoot can be your starting point to establishing your online persona and give others a feel of what you hope to represent. iPhone photos can only go so far!

4. Immediate return

Hiring a professional photography studio to handle your brand’s needs is one of the low cost, high reward investments that will enable you to see immediate returns!

Sharing your photos on social media is bound to get you greater visibility and more likes and followers, and using the photos on your website not only boosts your website’s degree of professionalism, but it can also help search engine optimisation so that people can find you easier in Google searches.

Developing a good relationship with a studio will also allow for greater familiarity with you or your product. You’ll often find that the photographers will get creative and take new and more interesting photos the more you work with them.

Professional photography is a fail-safe way to make sure you are starting off on the right path towards creating and boosting your online image. Making sure the best of you gets seen across the board is key to launching any brand or business!

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