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Welcome to Vanity Studios, where your dreams of becoming a successful model can start to take shape. With years of experience in the photography industry, we are ready to help you take the next big step in your modelling career.


Creating a stunning modelling portfolio is the first step in the modelling world. At Vanity Studios, we offer a unique and professional model photoshoot experience, tailored to highlight your unique features and personality. See our packages below.

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Every model has a distinct look, style, and personality. We ensure that your individuality shines through each photograph, thus making your portfolio a true reflection of you. Our experienced team of photographers and stylists will guide you throughout the photoshoot, helping you to strike the right pose and express the perfect emotion.


At Vanity Studios, we don’t just stop at creating your modelling portfolio. We are dedicated to helping you navigate the modelling industry. We share insights into the modelling industry, providing you with information on the current trends, top modelling agencies, and the various modelling outlets you can explore.


Our team offers advice on how to present yourself, tackle auditions, and handle the rigours of the modelling industry.


All our customised packages include a pre-shoot comprehensive consultation, designed  to delve deep into your unique requirements, guaranteeing a tailored experience that perfectly aligns with your vision.

Contact us for more bespoke requests.


£ 195
  • 3 Digital Images Included
  • Makeup & Hair Styling
  • Up to four outfit changes
  • Consultation & Preparation


£ 495
  • 8 Digital Images Included
  • Makeup & Hair Styling
  • Up to six outfit changes
  • Consultation & Preparation


£ 995
  • 20 Digital Images Included
  • Makeup & Hair Styling
  • Up to eight outfit changes
  • Consultation & Preparation


Creating a robust modelling portfolio is an essential step in launching a successful modelling career. A modelling portfolio is a collection of professional photographs that showcases your versatility as a model.


A strong portfolio should feature a range of looks that demonstrate your versatility. This includes various expressions, poses, outfits, and settings. This way, potential clients or agencies can see your range and potential.


In a competitive industry like modelling, it’s crucial to stand out. An impressive portfolio, which reflects your unique style and personality, can set you apart from other models. It gives you an edge and increases your chances of being noticed by top modelling agencies.


Your modelling portfolio should be a dynamic document. As you gain more experience and work on different projects, your portfolio should be updated to reflect this. Keeping your portfolio fresh and relevant increases your chances of landing new modelling gigs.


Becoming a model involves more than just good looks or a fit physique. It requires hard work, patience, and a solid understanding of the industry. Determine what kind of model you want to be. The modelling world is diverse, with various types of modelling like fashion, commercial, plus-size, petite, and more.


Invest in a professional photoshoot to create your modelling portfolio. Your portfolio is the first thing agencies and clients will look at, so ensure it’s high-quality and showcases your versatility as a model.


Once you have a strong portfolio, start approaching modelling agencies. Research reputable agencies that align with your modelling goals and submit your portfolio to them. Getting into modelling can take time. Be patient, stay dedicated, and continue improving your skills and portfolio.

Our team of expert photographers and stylists is dedicated to delivering a seamless and detail-oriented experience. We provide invaluable guidance throughout the process, ensuring your vision is understood and creatively enhanced.

The result? An impressive set of photos that will leave potential agencies captivated, showcasing your modeling potential with unparalleled excellence.

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Why Choose Us For a Model Photoshoot?

full direction

Full Guidance at Every Step

Our customers continually come back to us because we understand the importance of your images representing you in the correct way. From our bookings team to our professional photographers and viewing consultants, we'll guide you at every step.


Upfront Pricing

With packages starting at just £125, we know we are competitive. As a business we'll provide you with as much transparency as possible. In an industry where this is rare, we're proud our clients continually come back to us and value the work that we do.

100% guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Whatever your personal requirements, taste or budget; Vanity Studios can offer you incredible results with every bespoke shoot. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee meaning that if you’re not happy we’ll retake your images for free.



Scheduling a session with us is easy. We are open 7 days a week and have availability from 9:30am right through to 4:30pm.


Fill Out Our Booking Form

Click the link above to either make your own booking or have a call back from a member of our bookings team. Let us know a bit about what you hope to achieve and the style of photoshoot you'd like.


Consultation and Conceptualisation

After receiving your booking, we'll schedule a session to discuss your modelling goals and the types of shots that will best showcase your range. We'll design a shoot that highlights your versatility and aligns with industry standards.


The Photoshoot Experience

Arrive at Vanity Studios for your photoshoot, where our team of professionals await. With expert makeup artists and hair stylists, we ensure you look your absolute best. Then, step in front of the camera and let our experienced photographers guide you through a seamless session, capturing your updated images with finesse and sophistication.


Are you a model looking to enhance your portfolio with a professional model photoshoot in London? Do you have a new fashion and beauty range that you would like to promote? Here at Vanity Studios, our team of expert photographers offer the highest quality model portfolio photography packages to ensure your image is successfully promoted to your relevant audience.

Our extensive editorial experience and imaginative makeup artists and hair stylists allow us to create exceptional model portfolios that are personally tailored to suit each individual. Whether you are based in cosmetics, or the fashion industry; here at Vanity Studios we are confident that we can make your vision come to life through our photography, ensuring that you get the best results possible from your modelling photoshoot.

The modelling industry is extremely competitive, so it is crucial that you have a professional portfolio that consists of high quality fashion and beauty portraits as these are imperative to your success. At Vanity Studios our highly skilled photographers can help to build your professional portfolio with photography that stands out from the crowd and will capture the attention of potential agencies. Don’t waste valuable time on test shooting; achieve an instant polished look and high quality portfolio with a model portfolio photography package here at Vanity Studios. We can have your full portfolio created in just one day!

The process for your professional model photoshoot at Vanity Studios ensures that every important aspect is covered, from the initial consultation to professional makeup and hair styling – we take pride in our attention to detail and strive for service excellence throughout every session.

Our highly skilled team can create four completely different looks for your model portfolio, each with an individual hair and makeup style. We aim to show your versatility as a model through these different looks, to allow your agents to immediately see your potential.

Vanity Studios model portfolio photography packages offer excellent value for money, and as you will see from our gallery, the results are simply outstanding.

Talk to our bookings team today for your specific requirements and help on how to book your modelling photoshoot session.


The best thing you can do to prepare for your modelling shoot is to relax! Get plenty of sleep the night before so you don’t get tired, and make sure your outfits and accessories are packed and ready for the shoot. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch
with us before the day!

Our photoshoot generally takes around 3 hours, however we advise to allow up to 5 hours. Outfit changes and makeup may make the process take a little longer and we never like to rush.

Starting a modelling career requires a well-prepared portfolio, knowledge of the industry, and a lot of practice and patience. At Vanity Studios, we offer professional model photoshoots to create your portfolio and share insights about the industry to help you get started.

A modelling portfolio is your visual resume. It showcases your ability to embody different looks and styles. A strong portfolio is key to getting noticed by modelling agencies and clients.

At Vanity Studios, you can expect a professional, personalised photoshoot experience. We guide you throughout the process, from selecting outfits to striking poses. The aim is to capture the best images that highlight your unique features and personality.